An original idea…

Become the owner of a vine from Morges!

The Morges wine producers welcome you to their winemakers family by offering you the opportunity to become the owner of a Morges vine

For CHF 150.- only, you become the proud owner of a vine which will bare your name and be taken care of by your winemaker.

Your chosen winemaker will send you an ownership certificate and for 5 years, a bottle of white wine baring your name will be waiting for you!

Becoming an owner is not only the opportunity for you to offer an original gift, but it is also the opportunity for you to show your support to the Morges region, whose exceptional terroir has been a reference for all informed amateurs.

To become an owner

  • Download and send back to us the following document via email, fax or post at the address below:


Vins de Morges
Susanne Hänni
Case postale 72
1110 Morges 1

Online registration to become a vine owner


Your potential vine and your potential certificate of ownership

List of the participating wineries

Bolle&Cie – 1110 Morges

Coeytaux Jean-Daniel – 1169 Yens

Château de Colombier – 1114 Colombier

Domaine Henri Cruchon – 1112 Echichens

Domaine Bon Boccard – 1162 St-Prex

Domaine les 3 Terres – 1110 Morges

Domaine des Chentres – 1163 Etoy

Famille Duruz – 1125 Monnaz

Martial Gros – 1112 Echichens

Pellet Luc – 1185 Mont-sur-Rolle

Famille Perey – 1134 Vufflens -le-Châteaux

Domaine des Abbesses – 1026 Echandens

Pernet Felix – 1168 Villars-sous-Yens

Rossier Daniel – 1075 Lavigny

Rossier Jean-David – 1075 Lavigny

Schmidt Jacques et Stéphanie – 1075 Lavigny

Domaine de la Ville de Morges – 1110 Morges

Have a taste of our knowledge and expertise … for 5 more years!

Maintain ownership of your vine for 5 more years.

The Morges wine producers offer to take care of your vine for another 5 years.

Over the next 5 years, your very own annual bottle of wine will be ready for you.   

In order to subscribe, please download the document hereafter, and return it by email, fax or post.

Alternatively, you may subscribe directly online.

Download the document here